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17th-Jan-2009 09:52 pm - Drabble: Broken Heart
spn-dean/sam goofy faces
Title: Broken Heart
Author: funsized
Prompt: water
Word Count: 223
Pairing/Characters: Just Nick
Rating: (G
Summary: Nick just got his heart broken

Nick could feel the rain hitting his head and face like pins and needlesCollapse )
17th-Jan-2009 09:28 pm - I'll Warm You Up-A Drabble
I decided to write a drabble for jonas_drabbles! It's my first one so tell me what you think!!!

I'll Warm You UpCollapse )
17th-Jan-2009 07:20 pm - Ch-ch-changes! :)
So, I've decided to make it friends only.
All of the posts will be locked except the preview or first chapter!
Thanks for reading and commenting! :)
You guys are amazing!

Jessica (jraec89
10th-Jan-2009 07:54 pm - a little promo never hurt...

jonaschallenge is an elite Jonas Brothers Icon Challenge. apply here
4th-Nov-2008 07:50 pm(no subject)
spn-dean/sam goofy faces
So, I'm doing Nanowrimo this year, and this is the first chapter.

chapter oneCollapse )
22nd-Oct-2008 11:08 pm - OK... NEED YOUR HELP LOVES! :)
OK, if at least FIVE of you join 4prongedfork in the next 24 hours I will update at least TWO stories by Friday. AND I will let you CHOOSE which stories. So comment here if you join with your preference of story choice. If you've ALREADY JOINED comment and let me know. If a lot of you JOIN then I'll UPDATE ALL OF MY STORIES BY SATURDAY!!! :)


join & friend
19th-Oct-2008 01:44 pm(no subject)
jonas brothers, fan fiction, still in love with you
Alrighty, so thanks to thejazzter I have kind of figured out how to do this.
This is my first time posting an actual story on here. Like I've said before, I had it on Nexopia, but the stupid admin deleted my account. I have like 50 pages written and word which is about 40 something chapters. I can't remember when I split it up, so some may be longer than others, haha.
It's kind of hard to explain what happens because A LOT does. Packed with drama and I wouldn't have it any other way. :)
It's called But Your Smile Still Makes My Heart Sing, but the whole thing doesn't fit in the user, haha.
Oh, and for those that don't know, it's a line from Still In Love With You.
Thanks for reading! <3
Contains, mild-ish swearing. Extreme in some parts. Haha.
Chapter One!
17th-Oct-2008 11:08 pm - New Beginnings Ch. 1
Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Spencer Symington just moved to Wyckoff to escape their sad past. Spencer is determined that she's going to make everything up to her younger brother Ayden. She just wants to do everything in her power to fix everything but sometimes you can't fix everything by yourself, you need a little help. But, will Spencer let someone in and allow them to help.

Joe Jonas has lived in Wyckoff his whole life. He's nothing like his brothers. His older brother is smart and has moved out and gone to college. His younger brother is a music genius. His youngest brother is the quarterback of his little league football team. Joe just needs to be good at something, maybe helping people is what he'll be good at. If they let him help, that is.

New beginnings are never easy....Collapse )
12th-Oct-2008 09:20 pm - promo, but please read!

join & friend

Okay, my lovely readers please join mine and funsized graphics community. Please and thank you.

Also, I was thinking of writing a story where they aren't famous and won't be in the story. Tell me what you think about it. Yes, no, or depends on how it goes???

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