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7th-Jul-2009 11:02 am(no subject)
spn-dean/sam goofy faces
Title: Summer memories
Author: funsized
Prompt: #32 Beach
Word Count: 113
Characters: Nick and Joe
Rating: G
Summary: Being on the beach is relaxing

summer memoriesCollapse )

Title: Trying Times
Author: funsized
Prompt: #31 Lines Vines and Trying Times
Word Count: 132
Characters: Joe/OFC
Rating: G
Summary: A fight breaks them apart

Trying TimesCollapse )
22nd-Apr-2009 12:25 am - coming home early
Coming Home Early
Rated R-Something unlike what I normally write.

Joe comes home early. He has the house to himself.

Rated R for mature scenes! Don't read if you don't like sexual stories!

coming home early.Collapse )
20th-Mar-2009 06:52 pm - I'm Smiling For You -An One-Shot
I'm Smiling For You

An one-shot involving all three brothers but mainly focused on Nick.

I'm Smiling For YouCollapse )
10th-Feb-2009 10:07 pm - The Moment-A Drabble
Title: The Moment
Author: [Bad username: jraec89]
Prompt: Dark; Special Challenge
Word Count: 100
Characters: Joe
Rating: G
Summary: His favorite moment of the night.
Link: The MomentCollapse )
29th-Jan-2009 09:12 pm - the polaroid: a drabble
Title: The Polaroid
Prompt: #6:Smell
Word Count: 243
Characters: Jonas of choice/OFC
Rating: PG
Summary: If the smell lingers...
Link: the polaroidCollapse )
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